Digging Into WordPress


Lijkt me een nuttig en interessant boek. Boek geschreven door Chris Coyier en Jeff Starr met de ins & outs van WordPress:

It’s ready! Jeff Starr and I started the journey of writing Digging Into WordPress in December ‘08 and it’s finally for sale. It’s 400 pages packed full of WordPress learning. We go from setting things up, to explaining how things work (really get to know the loop and how to use functions to display the things you need), to SEO, to using WordPress as a CMS, to security, and more! The book gets into it right away, and doesn’t waste time with a lot of stuff like the basics of installation that you either already know or can easily find elsewhere. Read on for some more details, as well as a discount code you can use!

Click here to visit Sales @ Digging Into WordPress.

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  1. Ik ben benieuwd, ik heb hem besteld.

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