Raising the bar in 2016

I want to participate in The Transcontinental Race in 2017. Old news. As I am gradually building those longer distances, a nice longer ride would be a wise experience in 2016. A few months ago, Robert pointed me at a possible ride. One that would fit perfectly in my preparation: L’Altra P-B-P.

For those unknown with ultra-cycling, Normally P-B-P is short for Paris-Brest-Paris. A famous 1200 km bike race with start and finish in Paris. The race is held every 4 years. In 2015 the last edition was ridden. So what is “L’Altra P-B-P”?

The name hints that is related to Paris-Brest-Paris, but it is not. It is just an alternative with the start and finish in Pinerolo (Italy) and leads to Barcelona and back. The route (which isn’t final I was told) crosses the Alps via Sestriere, known from Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, to Briançon. On the route to Barcelona, Mont Ventoux has to be climbed from Sault. After decend it leads to Avignon and the half way point in Barcelona. On the way back it crosses the Alps again over Col de Larche.

Pinerolo-Barcelona-Pinerolo 2016

Last two months I asked myself if could successfully ride such vast distances within 7 days. I have to confess I had doubts, but each time I told myself: “Yes, you can do it!” So this week I decided to enter the event. The first weeks in August are marked in my calendar. Unfortunately I have to wait on my NTFU license for 2016 to enter.

Is it going to be easy? No. Will I suffer? Yes. Is it an adventure? Sure. The only thing I can do, is train and ride a lot. Prepare my gear and work towards August 6th, when the event starts. The only thing I can’t be sure of is how to handle this mentally. It is going to be tough. An experience I have never been before.

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  1. makkie je gaat dat gewoon ff doen :)
    nee het zal zwaar zijn maar als je het gaat doen zal het je een boost geven
    en eraan denken is ook al iets moois
    ik wens je veel succes en sterkte met de trainingen
    Gr John

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