Transcontinental Race, it is on!

Monday afternoon. I am in front of the mirror in my bathroom, looking myself in the eye. Sweat is dripping from my face. There you are and what have you got yourself into this time? Happy now? No just kidding, I am smiling, because I just got a mail the I am invited to ride the Transcontinental Race this year.

About two years ago I decided I wanted to ride the Transcontinental Race, but how? My longest ride at that moment was 175km and I was ‘dead’ afterwards. Now two years later I am mentally ready for it. Well I think I am ready mentally. I did some longer rides in 2016, with the longest in August. I had to scratch from that one, but I learned a lot about riding longer distances, packing my bike the right way and keep pushing whilst you just want to quit.

Early november I submitted my application for a spot on the Transcontinental Race, because Emily asked for it. Well she got it. Almost 50 women got a spot on the Transcontinental this year. A lot compared to previous editions. I am curious how many of all those women, myself included, will reach the finish in Meteora, Greece. With 7 months to go, I am utterly motivated. Especially because 2016 didn’t turn out what I was hoping for.

See you all in Geraardsbergen on July 28th 2017!

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