Where to follow me during #TCRno5?


Where to follow me during #TCRno5? On Friday, July 28th 2017, the Transcontinental Race no.5 will start in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. At 10:00pm CET all riders will climb “De Muur” and make their way across Europe to Meteora, Greece.

If you want to follow me on my adventure, please keep in mind that there are some rules:

The Transcontinental Race is an unsupported event. Which means that the racers, like me, cannot get help other than what they find along the way. So if I post something on social media like “I have to find a place to sleep, I am tired!“, do not reply mentioning hotels with available rooms in the neighborhood. That will get me disqualified. An appropriate answer could be “You tired? Keep on cycling baby!

If I would cross your neighborhood, it is ok to ride along with me, but do not ride in front of me. Drafting isn’t allowed. Giving me food and water bottles isn’t allowed too. Just some small talk is enough and enjoyable. However I probably would stare at you and wonder from which planet you came before you landed on Earth.

There is a rumor in town, that I will hug you for beer. I love weissbeer!

Below you will find all ways to follow me:

My website (You are here!)
Trackleaders or Free Route (GPS location)
Meet me at one of the check points

Official Transcontinental Race accounts:


And last but not least:

If you want to sent me personal messages, love letters or just want to say how much you hate me because I left you home, while I am gone to explore the world on my bike, use WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal or Facebook Messenger. I will always answer it, but sometimes it can take a while. I am pretty busy doing badass stuff!

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