Picking up the pieces


It’s been a while since I posted something on my site. Sorry if you have been waiting. Anyway I am picking up the pieces and enjoying cycling again. So where have I been? Let me try to explain.

After riding the Transcontinental Race I didn’t have much motivation to get back on my bicycle again. I eventually decided to enter for a spot on TCR No7, but gave my spot back after I realized I just didn’t have “it” anymore. I just couldn’t motivate myself to do all the training and route planning again. I tried some audax rides, but even those 200km or 300km distances became a burden.

Some years past seeing my body gaining weight and my bicycle just standing in a corner of my living room. Meanwhile I was thinking about wanting to ride some bikepacking adventures in Europe. I told myself each time how far away those thoughts were, being not in a good state of fitness.

Until a few weeks ago. I ordered myself a new bicycle and I motivated to get fit again. It will be a long way to get there. You have to start somewhere. For now the living room is my course. Bicycle in the Wahoo Kickr and Zwift on my television. Waiting for the weather to get better and go outside.

I have so many dreams, but just thinking about them won’t make them come true. I am on a mission. I have no idea where it will end. It’s a new day!

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  1. Goed je weer terug te zien Chantal, hoop dat je het plezier weer terug vind. Aan de fiets zal het niet liggen, wat een fantastisch ding zeg.

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