The adventure of building a new front wheel


Buying a new bicycle often comes with new parts and techniques. So it’s time to build a new front wheel with a dynamo hub, because my old front wheel doesn’t fit.

The first step is to get yourself a fresh new rim. I chose the DT Swiss R500, because this one is the same as (or closest to) the one that was delivered on my Canyon.

The next step is searching for and buying a good dynamo hub. That is going to be an adventure, because I like to make it myself difficult. Requirements: 24 spoke holes, 6 bolt disc brakes, 12 x 100 thru axle.

So far only Shutter Precision and SON are the ones who manufacture them with those specs. Shutter Precision, cheaper, but not in stock anywhere. SON, expensive, excellent quality and me slightly hyperventilating because of the price.

This is going to be a tough decision.

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