Support Me

A few years ago I bought my bicycle and started riding the country. Distances were increasing rapidly and after two years I started doing ultra-distance cycling. That became my passion, my dream. Maybe you can support me chasing my dreams.

Ultra-distance cycling is expensive. As a hard-working independent web developer, with no fixed salary, my funds are not always guaranteed. I don’t have fancy sponsors which pay my gear and other costs.

While I ride ultra-distance cycling events, I have to spend large amounts of money on overpriced petrol station food, breakfast/lunch/dinner at restaurants, maybe accommodation (trying to ride with as little support as possible) and travel with my bicycle by train to start/finish locations and back home.

In addition, while I am racing for multiple weeks instead of working, the costs back at home need to be covered too. Insurance, house, telephone, etcetera.

How to support me

Maybe you could help me sending a small amount of money to support me chasing and racing my dreams. Use one of the options below to support me:

Sent money using PayPal
Sent money using iDEAL or Sofort

If you want to become a title sponsor with your company for one of my adventures, please contact me using the contact page.