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  • #TCRNo5: The Story of Cap 225 (part 2)

    September, 2014. A year after I started road cycling. I just came home after riding the GO-Classic. A tour in the region where I live. I did a total of 178km that day. “Never again”, I promised myself staring at the ceiling laying on my back on the floor. August 30th, 2015. I set myself […]

  • Where to follow me during #TCRno5?

    Where to follow me during #TCRno5? On Friday, July 28th 2017, the Transcontinental Race no.5 will start in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. At 10:00pm CET all riders will climb “De Muur” and make their way across Europe to Meteora, Greece. If you want to follow me on my adventure, please keep in mind that there are some […]

  • Towards #TCRno5: cycling along the river Meuse

    It is dark in the night. I am cycling along the river Meuse. Behind me there has been a bright light for some minutes. I am tired, but keep on cycling. Is it a car following me slowly? I can’t think very clearly anymore. Then something unexpected happens. I wake up early in the morning. […]

  • Post-Ride Blues, what helped me out

    The Post-Ride blues was suddenly there. It took me two months to get over it. Let me explain what happened, what helped me out and how I discovered about the Post-Ride blues. Early August I have ridden L’Altra P-B-P, a 1900km cycling event from Pinerolo (Italy) to Barcelona (Spain) and back to Pinerolo. For months […]

  • Thank you

    Thank you

    Het zit er op. L’Altra P-B-P. Ik heb afgezien, ik heb genoten, ik heb gelachen, ik heb gehuild. Het was zwaar, maar een waar avontuur. Jullie hebben me min of meer geholpen. Alle aanmoedigingen via Twitter en Facebook of persoonlijk via telefoon. Dank daarvoor! Alle mensen die gedoneerd hebben aan KWF, jullie zijn toppers! Vooralsnog […]